Sun Devil News

Twenty-four hours later…

Everyone is doing fine. Jen keeps making sure that she hasn't missed any puppies (they sneak behind Cami, and we don't have the pig rails up), but the kids are eating fine. Cami's sleeping (and snoring), so she seems to be dealing pretty well with it. When she does get up, she's happy and active.


Apparently, there are 11 in a bunch

Cami had her litter a day early. On Friday afternoon around 1:30, 11 puppies were delivered. They're all nice size and plenty vigorous—three livers and eight black pups. We'll be back with weights and sexes when we have a chance.


The stats are as follows:

2 Liver Bitches (15 1/5, 14 1/8)

1 Liver Dog (14 3/8)

6 Black Bitches (16, 16, 14 3/8, 14, 12, 13 1/2)

2 Black Dogs (15 3/4, 14 3/4)

Everyone is eating well and Cami is resting comfortably. Thanks to the reproductive vet Dr. Marty Greer of Brownsville-Elmira, Harris Pet Hospital (what a busy crew we had this afternoon), and a special thanks to Dr. Rosie Hatcher for delivering all these pups. If only she could count…


How do we know there's a bunch?

That's a lot of puppy parts in there!

Cami xray

Cami's got a bunch on board!

Cami went in for an x-ray today, and we counted 7 puppies and a couple shadows that could also be puppies. She's huge and weighs in at over 100 lbs, so it wouldn't surprise us if she's having nine. The cesarean is scheduled for Saturday morning!


Cami's litter will be here soon!

Cami will be having a litter on May 25th! Stay tuned for news, photos, and puppy reports!

Jennifer and Jim Kofron, Brighton Wisconsin