Apparently, there are 11 in a bunch

Cami had her litter a day early. On Friday afternoon around 1:30, 11 puppies were delivered. They're all nice size and plenty vigorous—three livers and eight black pups. We'll be back with weights and sexes when we have a chance.


The stats are as follows:

2 Liver Bitches (15 1/5, 14 1/8)

1 Liver Dog (14 3/8)

6 Black Bitches (16, 16, 14 3/8, 14, 12, 13 1/2)

2 Black Dogs (15 3/4, 14 3/4)

Everyone is eating well and Cami is resting comfortably. Thanks to the reproductive vet Dr. Marty Greer of Brownsville-Elmira, Harris Pet Hospital (what a busy crew we had this afternoon), and a special thanks to Dr. Rosie Hatcher for delivering all these pups. If only she could count…


Jennifer and Jim Kofron, Brighton Wisconsin